Holy Crow-ly! So this is what happens when…

Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve missed this. More importantly, I’ve missed all of you! How have you been?

Yes, I haven’t been here in a while. (Why, you ask? We’ll get to that shortly.) And it looks like the year that shall not be numbered has stopped by my website. *sigh* So, before stretching my fingers and getting back to what I love – writing – looks like I gotta update y’all on a few house keeping bits.

Firstly, the Comments section. You know, the place on here where we can interact, right? Looks like they’re being taken over by anyone but you – the reader. So as of today, comments are closing. But we can still engage in conversation. In fact, I’d love it! Let’s do that over on Instagram and Twitter, instead.

Meanwhile, I have some cleaning up to do around here. Cyber critters have made a mess of things, so I’ve got to dig out the scrub brush and spray bleach all over the comments being held for “approval”.

Secondly, content here is going to be authentic. Yes, it’s always been authentic, but it’s also been a tad guarded. I’ve been through a lot the past few years. I’ve grown. I’m happier. And what works for me (now) may well be different than what works for you. And that’s ok!

Oh – Where have I been? Right. A promise is a promise; here goes. Over a year ago, I decided to go back to school. Since then, I got a new job that I adore. I’ve spent this time studying, closing my small business and adjusting to working full time. I love what I do yet it’s taken a while to recalibrate to the new schedule. The goal is to get on here each Friday with new content. Will it happen? That’s the goal. The plan, however, is to be on here a few times during the month. And I am excited to follow through with it.

But first, it’s time to clean up around here.

Then, I write! Can’t wait!!


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