Julie Clark

Published Author, Writer, and All-around Quirky Soul

Julie Clark comes to the stage with well over a dozen years of experience as a writer, author, and mom. She is best known for her work on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her book “Asperger’s in Pink” (2010 Future Horizons), is enjoying its second printing as well as a worldwide readership. Endorsed by experts such as Dr. Tony Attwood and Rudy Simone, “Asperger’s in Pink” continues to help families around the globe. Her public speaking experience includes events ranging from the Autism Society of North Carolina’s annual conference to intimate Rotary Club gatherings.

Although Julie still writes professionally about Autism Spectrum Disorder and parenting, she is broadening her writing portfolio. (More on that in a bit!)

When it comes to talking about autism, Julie’s point of view is that of a mother who has, “been there, done that,” applying relevant, personal experiences and research in order to help others who are journeying the same path. Her articles have appeared in Autism Asperger’s Digest, as well as other publications. She is also a contributor to Autism in Lockdown, a book written by fellow Future Horizon authors in an effort to aid others going through the Covid pandemic.

Julie also enjoys writing modern folklore and fiction, drawing upon her Appalachian heritage, including oral histories passed down generations. She is currently writing a novel, incorporating themes of religious oppression, healing, and, well, “woo.” 

As for Julie’s blog, (this blog!) it is eclectic; expect to see a wide range of topics in keeping with her authentic style. Most of her content reflects her own special interests, including honoring a connection with nature.

To Julie, it’s all  about helping each other grow, heal, and make the most of this thing we call life!

Professional Offerings

At this time, Julie has very limited availability. If you would like for her to write for you, please contact for her current rate sheet. At present, requests for gratis articles and speaking engagements are unable to be fulfilled.

You can contact Julie via:

me (at) authorjulieclark (dot) com, or find her on Instagram and Twitter @_JulieClark_.

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