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Author Julie Clark

Listen to an Interview with Julie!

Family, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome) Author and  Writer

Julie Clark comes to the stage with years of experience as a writer, author and mom of a daughter on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome). Her best known published work, the book “Asperger’s in Pink” (2010 Future Horizons), is enjoying its second printing as well as a global readership. Endorsed by experts such as Dr. Tony Attwood and Rudy Simone, “Asperger’s in Pink” continues to help families around the globe.

Author Julie ClarkCurrently, Julie writes about Autism Spectrum Disorder and general special needs and family topics. Her point of view is that of a mother who has, “been there, done that,” always looking to relevant, personal experiences in order to help others who are journeying the same path of having someone with special needs in the family. Several of her popular articles written for “We Know Stuff…” have been picked up by POPSUGAR.

Aside from writing about the family and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome), Julie Clark enjoys writing modern folklore, drawing upon her Appalachian heritage and oral histories passed down throughout generations. Modern folklore and other fiction written by Julie Clark are new ventures, and she is thrilled to share these new novels with you soon!

Speaker, Consultant and Confidant

If Julie Clark has one passion, it is to improve the lives of others. Sometimes, this includes simply taking you away from the stresses of everyday life via fictional works, such as her upcoming book series. Others, it’s helping through “Asperger’s in Pink,” an easy to read, down to earth approach about raising someone on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s). Regardless what books she will author, her heart will always remain in helping others living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome). Julie now takes appointments for consultations for those looking for advice regarding raising a child on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome), working with the school system with a child with special needs, and other topics related to living and caring with someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. (To be clear, Julie’s consulting work is from a mother’s point of view, and not intended for medical or psychiatric advice. Think of it as one friend helping another.)

Julie treats every client she consults with the utmost in confidentiality and respect, and sees each family as unique. She is currently located in North Carolina, and considers in person consulting sessions as well as Skype and email consultations.

You can contact Julie via:

me (at) authorjulieclark (dot) com, or find her on Twitter @_JulieClark_.

In addition to being a writer and published author, Julie Clark is also a public speaker, and takes on limited speaking engagements. Her topics of interest include raising a child on the Autism Spectrum as well as preparing young teens for college and the college application process (from a mother’s point of view). Her previous public speaking experience comprises speaking at large events including the Autism Society of North Carolina’s annual conference, as well as smaller events such as Rotary Clubs.

Julie works hard to be someone who is down to earth and approachable. And she’d love to help you!

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