Happy 2018! Update: Where we’ve been, what to expect in 2018!

Hi everyone! I hope 2018 is finding you well and content! There is much to share with you; I’m not quite sure how to start. Against my better judgment, I’m bringing out the ol’ “listicle.”

Not sure what a “listicle” is? It’s a list disguised as a blog post. Personally, I try to avoid ‘em, but there’s a bunch to do and several things to talk about. For fun, we’ll do this Q&A style.

You haven’t posted since the holiday season went into full swing. Why?

Good question! December was the busiest in memory for me and my family. In short, my daughter and I did a mother-daughter trip right before Christmas, which was amazing, but meant December was slammed.

Ok, fine, but we’re mid-January now. What gives?

One word: taxes. I live in the US, where prepping for tax filing is exhausting. Although my earnings are meager they still need accounting for, which means a ton of paperwork to prep. Every January starts with a few weeks of year-end wrap up and planning for the new one. So although I’ve been largely silent on my website and social media, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes.

Ah. I get it. Next question: Where did you go with your Aspergirl?!?

We took a trip of a lifetime. In fact, it was so amazing telling about it will likely span a few blog posts. We took a Disney cruise then headed over to Universal Orlando. I am hoping to collaborate with her on the posts, too. She’s in her final year of college, so it’s hard to find times she’s free to chat. (She definitely has thoughts on Harry Potter World from a sensory point of view!)

First “real” vacation in years! Disney cruise and Harry Potter World!

Hmm, didn’t you say you have new books underway? What’s the latest?

Yep. I’m still writing books. One remains under submission, and another in draft mode. I am pushing to finish the latter, which means I need to slow down posting on the blog until it’s finished.

Do you have any new plans for 2018?

Thanks for asking! I am still committed to writing more books. But that’s not news, is it? A year-ish ago, my webmaster suggested I look into creating a YouTube channel. Then I went home and talked myself out of it. It wasn’t hard. Last month, his suggestion came back to mind, prodding and poking until I decided to take the plunge. (Major CRINGE as I admit this!) I’ve recorded my first “vlog” and will post the link after a few more are ready.

What will the YouTube channel be about?

That’s what I’m working on this month – choosing content that you may be interested in. At the moment, it may include:

  • Asperger’s (from various perspectives)
  • Writing
  • Behind the scenes
  • Running an Etsy shop/arts & crafts microbusiness (Fun fact: Most authors supplement their income. Etsy is one path I’ve chosen for this.)

If there is anything you’d like to see, send an email to me (AT) authorjulieclark (DOT) com. (Replace (AT) with @, and (DOT) with a period.) I will consider all suggestions.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes! If you’d like to sign up, you can do so via the form on my website, or by using this link: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/c8j7q1 . You can always unsubscribe. At most, it goes out once each week. When I’m super slammed, it will be less frequent. I don’t want to overwhelm your inbox.  TIP: After you sign up, (check your spam folder if needed) mark those email as “safe” so they keep going into your inbox. (For current subscribers, a special THANK YOU for each of you! It means the world to me.)

How did you round out 2017? Do you have any great plans for 2018? Or any resolutions? I’d love to hear from you!

As always, if you have any questions, or are looking for tips do send them over. I may not be able to respond to each and every one, but I do read all messages.

Have a wonderful 2018!

– Julie

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