Social Media Policy

Today’s post is short and…dull. (Updated as of 09.18.2017)

For any of you who follow me, if asked, you can answer in a heartbeat that Twitter is my modus operandi for social media. Here’s a quick note on how I view and use it and other social media platforms, FAQ style:

Is this (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, FB, etc.) your personal account, or do you use it mainly for writing?

It’s both – with one exception*.  My viewpoint is writing is a core part of who I am, but not all of me. There are definitely posts about writing, Asperger’s, my book and current works (self-promotion = “awkward” but part of being a published author), and anything else related to my author life. But I also have “Special Interests,” and do post about those. If you follow me on social media expect to “see” a real person behind the keyboard.

In other words, I’m real, and treat my Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as coming from a – gasp – fellow human. Not a promote-o-matic or robot. In the spirit of being transparent, some links to blog posts will be scheduled. This is so my amazing readers around the globe can catch them at times that work best.

*Now, for the exception: I have two pages on Facebook. AspergersInPink is largely updated by my amazing husband. My author page is largely…full of crickets. Aside from my husband’s help on FB, I do all of my own social media posting and currently choose to focus on other media, myself. Also, FB eats my battery and data faster than anything.

Do you #FFF (follow for follow) or autofollow?

In a word: no. But if you’re human and actually drop a tweet saying “hello,” I will probably follow you back. I truly appreciate every single follow! But seriously, the amount of auto-follows and “I followed you so you HAVE to follow me back or I will drop you because MIDDLE SCHOOL WAS SO AWESOME” tweeps don’t work for me. Middle school…s*cked. I’m not going back there. I kinda grew up.

What does it mean if you heart (like) or RT (retweet, reblog) a post?

It means all sorts of things. It could be whatever I saw had a great point, was funny, etc. It does not mean I endorse the person or cause (etc.) behind the tweet. Once in a blue moon it means my Yorkie jumped on my lap as I was scrolling and he did it. *sigh*

So, is that really you tweeting, posting, etc.?

Yep, it’s me*. And it’s the quickest way to get ahold of me these days.




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