You’ve Got This!

On a recent call with a client, we talked about how sometimes it seems as if forces that are supposed to be with us are often, in our perception, against us. This can mean we may feel that anything from school to family to even the medical community is making our lives harder. Right after a diagnosis, these feelings can be quite strong, making us feel like we are all alone, or worse, that we should just give up.

Don’t give up.

Yes, the first few weeks after receiving your child’s diagnosis (no matter what it is) can be incredibly overwhelming. There is so much to take in, it may seem impossible to get a handle on everything, let alone move forward. Speaking from experience let me tell you that this is normal. And it’s ok to feel this way. However, let me also encourage you to choose to move forward. You’ve got this!

In the first few years after we found out our daughter is on the Autism Spectrum, there were several hurdles and speedbumps in our way. As much as we had some absolutely amazing and supportive people walk alongside our family, there were also prickly pears that often blinded us to the help and support surrounding us. In fact, a few individuals were so difficult, we had to dig deep to move forward in order to get our daughter the assistance she truly needed.

Over a decade later, our daughter is now in college and we can see that all the hard work she’s done and the seeds planted early on are paying off. It took patience, resolve and having as clear a head as possible during trying times. I firmly believe that you have it in you to push through the difficult moments that lie in your path. You are stronger than you think you are. And you are not alone. There are many, many of us who have either walked the path or are in the middle of the path alongside you. Sure, we may be hard to identify, but we are there.

Hang in there, remember the love you have for your child, hold on to the unwavering belief in your child’s future and choose to push forward, no matter what lies ahead. You can do it. You’ve got this!


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