Parenting Talks for October plus a Blogging Update!

It’s funny how something small, roughly 6 x 8 inches give or take, can transform a life such as mine. Sound dramatic? Yeah. But the truth is I struggle with ADD. This was a truth I needed to face head-on in order to keep the website current. So, I got a planner. And honestly, it’s helping me focus on what is necessary, which includes finally giving my gorgeous website and blog much needed, regular attention. Here we go…

Being “Part-Etsian,” themes are inherently enjoyable for me, and I thought it would be fun to write blog pieces each month that focus on chosen themes. With October around the corner, the first theme will focus on Aspie parenting and a handful of “Talks” we should be having with our Autism Spectrum child(ren). These include money handling and driving. And, with October considered by many the scariest month of the year we will conclude the series with the scariest talk of all!

Well, scary to me and countless parents. It’s that three letter word (in English) that makes many moms and dads scurry as soon as our child(ren) bloom into young adults. And if you don’t think it’s possible for Aspies to be interested in that aspect of being human, well, think again… But for some of us, it’s the driving talk that might be the scariest, right?

In all of this remember Aspies are…people. Not space aliens or robots. I agree with Dr. Frank Gaskill who says Aspies are “Human 2.0.” My daughter is more intelligent than I can ever profess to be. Honestly, I believe having Asperger’s is a good thing! Let’s stop acting like it’s something in need of a fix. Still, parenting tips are good things and it’s through this series I hope to offer up a few tips for you that may help. My family’s goal has always been to help others if and when we can.

With that in mind, do you have a topic you’d like covered? Are you an Aspie and want to see a piece about a certain topic? Tweet me or leave a comment below!

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