Twitter Housekeeping, aka my Twitter Policy

Today’s post is short and…dull.

For any of you who follow me, if asked, you can answer in a heartbeat Twitter is my modus operandi for social media. Here’s a quick note on how I view and use it, FAQ style:

Is this your personal account, or do you use it mainly for writing?

It’s both. My viewpoint is writing is a core part of who I am, but not all of me. There are definitely tweets about writing, my book and current works (self-promotion = “gag” but part of being an author), and anything else related to my author life. But I also have “Special Interests,” and do tweet about those.

In other words, I’m real, and treat my Twitter as coming from a – gasp – fellow human. Not a promote-o-matic or robot.

Do you #FFF (follow for follow)?

In a word: no. But if you’re human and actually drop a tweet saying “hello,” I will probably follow you back. Seriously, the amount of auto-follows and “I followed you so you HAVE to follow me back or I will drop you because MIDDLE SCHOOL WAS SO AWESOME” tweeps don’t work for me. Middle school…s*cked. I’m not going back there. I kinda grew up.

What does it mean if you heart (like) or RT (retweet) a post?

It means all sorts of things. It could be whatever I saw had a great point, was funny, etc. It does not mean I endorse the person behind the tweet. Or have a crush on them. (Dudes and dudettes, middle school and I are not sympatico – I don’t work that way.)

So, is that really you tweeting?

Yep, it’s me. And it’s the quickest way to get ahold of me these days.