Coming Home to Yourself

This blog, at times, discusses personal experiences leaving evangelical fundamentalist Christianity. This is one of those times. The following experiences and views are my own. Due to the nature of this post, comments are closed. If you wish to continue the conversation, you may reach out to me personally on Twitter.

One of my favorite Aspies I’ve met during my journey I also follow on Social Media. She’s an amazing individual. Recently she reminded me of the importance of being just that – an individual. When we are truly ourselves we are truly free. 

Not convinced?

Think of times you feel free. Think of times you feel constrained. Think of times you choose to morph to fit a situation. Which feels better? 

Reading her post on Instagram emboldened me to take another step toward living authentically. The truth is I go back and forth following through with writing. This is, in part, because I worry what I write will turn wonderful, dedicated readers away – or bring out old trolls that loved to feed on my (now silent) YouTube channel.

Trolls are vicious and “fundagelicals” know how to wield mucous-covered word swords with the best of them. Sure, I could allow comments and you could watch the wreckage unfold as they spew their venom in the guise of “love.” But they simply aren’t worth the bandwidth I pay for on this website.

I choose to write because there are many, like me, who found loneliness, self-loathing and mental torment in evangelical fundamentalist Christianity. For decades I believed there was no way out. I know there are others out here looking for a better life, too. Some, like I was, are looking to see if they can simply rescue what’s left of themselves and rebuild their lives into one that makes life worth living. The hard truth is a particular practice of a certain form of religion that spouts “love” causes a minority of us (TRIGGER WARNING) to consider ending it all. And I got to a point in my life that was an option I would no longer allow myself to consider.

So, here we go.

We’ll chat about leaving a religious practice that is mainstream. And we will also chat about what I found (or, rather, returned to) that works for me. And what works for me will not work for everyone. Let’s face it; I know many people deep in the pews of fundagelical Christianity who take to it like ducks on water. Understand this: To have honest conversations we must acknowledge what drains life from one gives life to another. We must live and let live – so long as it harms none.

So, what did I find? I found solace in the phrase, “‘an it harm none, do as you will.” I found peace, true comfort and belonging once I “came home to myself;” once I was honest about who I am, and what truly works for me – as well as what really doesn’t.

Do you have questions? Topics you’d like to see addressed? Find me over on Twitter or Instagram and tell me.

Until then, peace and harmony, love and laughter, abundance and beauty be yours, mine and ours from now own.



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